Women over the ages have played myriad roles in building relationships and communities all over the world. A woman whose heart is grounded in God is destined to soar high, encouraging and empowering those around her.

The women’s ministry at IPC Florida strives to inspire women, reminding them of their significance in Christ and helping them build an intimate relationship with Him. You, dear sister, are precious in the sight of God. He has great things in store for you. We will help you discover your potential and use it for the glory of God. Our ministry also provides counseling for women, visits to hospitals and homes for destitute, and continual care and support for the sick.


  • Women will grow in their relationship with the Lord.
  • Your church will grow.
  • New members will find their niche.
  • Meaningful relationships form.
  • Women are encouraged to discover, develop and use spiritual gifts.
  • Coordination and organization are provided for in reach and outreach to women.
  • Women receive woman-to-woman understanding and lay counseling.
  • Older women mentor younger women.
  • Families are affected when women are drawn closer to the Lord.