We believe Sunday school is an integral part of a growing and thriving church. It is a ministry that is on the decline in many mainstream churches in the United States. We believe Children should be equipped and grounded in the Word of God from a very young age so they can withstand the daily barrage of the darts of the evil one. Their faith is constantly challenged by their peers, educational institutions, media, Hollywood, and the society. Sunday school provides an opportunity for them to discuss the challenges with their Christian friends, mentors, and teachers.

We have had a very active Sunday school ministry since the inception of our church in 1983. Our teachers have a calling to teach ad some of them have been teaching Sunday school for close to 50 years. Our teachers model the biblical truths they share so the children have an opportunity to see the faith in action. Our classes are divided based on age groups such as Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, and College and Career. Our pastor conducts the Sunday school for the adults also.

Our Sunday school is scheduled every Sunday from 10:00AM-10: 45 AM. Please pray and support this ministry in your daily prayers.

In His Service.

Sam K Joseph
Sunday School Director.