Guidelines for Pastoral Selection

When selecting a new pastor we should consider the following:

Consideration needs to be given to the three generations in our church. Must understand where we are as a church at this point in time. An understanding of the history of this church is essential. We must recognize the changing youth culture and ministry towards youth. Must be thoughtful of the growth and future of the church. Must consider the ongoing outreach ministry of the church. Be considerate of the building project that’s in the early stages. Understand the ministry model has changed and must understand the future of Indian Pentecostal Churches in N. America.

General Guidelines:

  • Must be a person who can build on what we have established here in Lakeland as a church for 30 years and move it forward; ministries such as youth ministry, outreach ministry, missions, charity etc.
  • Must have experience with the pastoral ministry- experience pastoring a recognized church in the US for at least 5 years.
  • Prefer seminary training here in the U.S and understands the issues of the young and old alike in order to minister to them.
  • Prefer majority of life and ministry in the United States of America or among other international groups.
  • Must be scripturally qualified and an ordained pastor.
  • Must be of Indian ethnic origin and has the ability to communicate in English, Malayalam, and preferably Hindi.
  • Doctrinally the pastor must be aligned with the current doctrines of our church and complements the current stance and practices of the church.
  • Prefer a full-time pastor who is dedicated to church ministry.
  • Prefer a U.S citizen or a legal resident.
  • Must be married and meet the scriptural requirements of marriage and family.
  • Understand the young people and be able to work with them (connect) closely to counsel and guide them since they are the future of this church.
  • Must have the vision to reach others, especially Indians and consideration must be given to ongoing local outreach ministries of the church.
  • Vision and direction for growing the church and accommodating multiple cultures.
  • Must have a vision and commitment to our future growth and the building project.
  • Must have a heart for missions and support our current mission projects in India.
  • Must be forward thinking and progressive and have the vision and experience for growing the church
  • Has a heart for worship and can articulate a calling to lead this church.
  • The parsonage is available to the pastor, but the pastor may not be required to stay at the parsonage.